Shaklee 180 Body Turnaround Challenge!

Happy New Year!!!
I love this time of year. New beginnings. Goals. Resolutions. Did you make any this year?
If you are looking to lose weight and inches while keeping your muscle,  toning up and generally getting healthier, then I invite you to do a…..

I am super excited that this program launched today (formerly known as Cinch) from the #1 natural nutrition company in the nation! I grew up with Shaklee and used the inch loss program to drop 2 pant sizes and a few inches after having my 2 kids 22 months apart. And it has helped me to maintain 2 years later!! 

I love the ease, convenience and taste of the products! 🙂
Shaklee’s 180 program is powered by Leucine, which is clinically proven to burn fat, retain muscle and lose inches in the process. It helps to boost your metabolism and is the only program that helps you to lose fat and inches in 90 days and helps you to actually keep it off in the next 90 days and for good!  No more yo-yo dieting!!
I am hosting a special Shaklee 180 Challenge on Facebook that starts soon!  I am also hosting some Turnaround parties in West Lafayette on Jan 7 and Jan 8. Contact me for the details.

You can get more info and order directly through my Shaklee 180 website today. Learn how you can earn your products for FREE by sharing with 3 friends!
Shaklee products all come with a 100% money-back guarantee so what do you have to lose besides the weight? Go for it and turn it around in 2013! I am excited to help you to do that!
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

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