Shaklee 180 and Chicago Regional Conference Highlights!

I just got back from Chicago this weekend and had a fabulous time at the Shaklee Regional Conference!!!
It was so great to meet Roger Barnett, the CEO of Shaklee. 
Here is a picture of some of the Hoffmann group with Roger. My friend and distributor in my group Cherie drove with me from Indiana. My mom is also with us here and our friends Ginny and Dawn, representing some from Wisconsin. Great time!

You may remember Roger and his wife, Sloan on Oprah talking about Shaklee’s awesome green cleaning line Get Clean. Here is the clip if you missed it.

One of Roger’s visions is to end malnutrition and for Shaklee to earn a Nobel Peace Prize for it!!
There were three regional conferences happening this weekend and Roger was able to join us in Chicago because we had the most preregistered attendees! It was so great to have him there. It was especially nice for my parents, who are new Shaklee Directors and were honored at a special VIP dinner with Roger on Friday evening. Here they are with him:

I also got to meet and talk with Dr. Jaime McManus, MD. Dr. Jaime is the chair of medical affairs and health sciences and education at Shaklee and she is SO great to talk to! 🙂
Dr. Jaime talked about the globesity epidemic and how the world is simply getting bigger and bigger! 
2 out of 3 Americans need to lose weight. 
1 out of 3 will die prematurely.
70-80% of doctor visits are weight related!! 

And unfortunately, doctors do not have a ton of education in the nutrition area.

Shaklee is known for the quality science backing their natural products. This was the main reason why my dear husband, who is a PharmD, PhD in natural product research at Purdue, was so impressed by the company and willing to give the products a try.
In a 12 week study looking at the Cinch Inch loss program, Cinch helped people to lose fat and retain muscle mass while losing inches.  Another great thing that came from that study was the drop in Cholesterol! The study showed a 20 point drop in cholesterol for the people receiving Cinch. If your Cholesterol is above 200, you are in a dangerous range.

Another study looked at Cinch inch loss products with moderate exercise. This was a 6 month study. Half of the participants did exercise alone. The other half did exercise plus a Cinch Shake daily. The results: weight dropped, lean muscle mass increased and body fat decreased with the group who had the Cinch Shakes!

The last study Dr. Jaime talked about was Cinch plus Vitalizer. It was a 9 month study. There were three groups:
1. placebo who did not exercise or receive any Cinch or Vitalizer
2. Exercise alone
3. Exercise plus Cinch Shake and Vitalizer
Results: group 3 who received Shaklee did better with blood pressure, heart rate and muscle mass. Their bone density improved too. Group 1 actually got worse over the 9 month period by not doing anything.

And our group had a fantastic time learning about the new…

Shaklee 180 Program!!!
This is the exciting Inch Loss program with awesome incentives for everyone that Shaklee is launching in January! I am super excited about it. One of the awesome things about this program is that EVERYone can get their products for 
It’s really easy to do this too! When you use one of the two Shaklee 180 kits and share with 3 friends who use it too, yours is FREE!!! 
And theirs could be free also if they share with 3 people, etc.
So great!!!
There are two kits to choose from and each one comes with a FREE Shaklee lifetime Membership!!!:
1. Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit:
This has everything you need for a complete 180 turnaround in your weight loss journey. Two meals per day and includes your choice of flavors of Smoothie Canisters, Energizing tea, Snack and Meal Bars and the Metabolic Boost! 
2. Shaklee 180 Lean & Healthy Kit:
This has everything you need to maintain a healthy weight. Your choice of two Smoothie canisters and also Vitalizer Multi Nutrient Pack!

I am already doing the Cinch equivalent to the Lean & Healthy Kit every day and I LOVE it!!!
If you don’t know my weight loss story, you can see it HERE.  Shaklee’s inch loss program has helped me get to where I am today with my weight and now I am maintaining with it along with moderate exercise and eating balanced and healthy meals.

Here is my before picture after having 2 children 22 months apart:

And here’s my after Cinch transformation picture!

And the really cool thing about Shaklee 180, is that now I am working on my After, After picture! No other inch loss program follows people to the after, after but Shaklee is helping us keep it off for good! I am so excited to show you that picture in the next few months! 🙂 

The products are powered by the amino acid Leucine, which is clinically proven to burn fat while retaining lean muscle mass and losing inches in the process! It is a safe and natural supplement to add to your moderate exercise routine for optimal results and I truly love it. Basically, the shakes and bars are healthy alternatives to food you may already be eating, that have the right amount of protein, carbs and fat your body needs along with the key ingredient Leucine.

For those of you familiar with Cinch, The Shaklee 180 products are very similar with some slight changes to the Protein ingredients. The packaging has changed too and looks great! They are changing the sugar to a mix of pure sugar cane and Stevia and the sugar content will be lower. It continues to have a low glycemic index, which means it will not spike your blood sugar and is an excellent food for people with diabetes.  And the fiber is changing to a blend of soluable and insoluable. I tasted all 4 flavors of smoothies at the conference (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cafe latte) and they are Fantastic!!! And the 3 in 1 Boost is now becoming Metabolic Boost. Same great benefits of boosting the metabolism and reducing sugar cravings. The vitamins were taken out because you will get enough with the shakes and bars and when you are ready to go to the Lean and Healthy Kit, you will get them through Vitalizer.

One really awesome thing about the Shaklee 180 program is the incentives Shaklee provides you to keep on with your weight loss journey. You can log your progress  and earn points toward rewards like ipads, iphones, exercise balls, weights, videos, etc. And then be entered in to win bigger prizes like a trip for two to the Global Conference (Nashville this August) and to Fashion Capitols of the World like PARIS!!! Get a photo shoot with a world class photographer and a $2000 shopping spree!!!! Yes, Please!!! 🙂

Can’t wait till January?? Well, get started on your after picture right now with CINCH! It’s still available and still the best inch loss product line out there right now. And if you order the Cinch Transformation Pak by November 30, 2012 on autoship and keep it on autoship for three consecutive months, your forth month is still absolutely FREE!!!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get a head start on keeping those holiday pounds off Today!!!! 

Are you ready to make a 180??

Thanks for reading! Would love to hear from you. Please visit me on Facebook soon and be sure to check out my small business Saturday special there this Saturday, Nov. 24th!!!



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