The Garden Is A-Growing!!!

Correction to this post: No fertilizer was used on the garden. My mistake! Sorry! 🙂 I keep meaning to post updates on our garden! It has certainly taken off. We noticed a big difference in the first two weeks. Now four weeks later, we are wondering what we have created. lol. Here are the before pictures from when we planted on Mother’s Day.
And now for the after pictures that I just took.
 We have around 8 or 9 tomatoes growing already. In hindsight, we probably shouldn’t have put that many tomato plants in. lol
We can’t believe how much it has grown! The raised bed garden with the good soil definitely helps. And my husband has been watering and fertilizing. We also planted using Basic H2 (organic concentrate made from corn and coconut) and I occasionally spray the leaves with it. It helps to make water wetter so the roots were able to establish well from the start.
We are also excited about our blackberry crop this year. Believe it or not, this was a small little plant that we put in 3 years ago. Now it is a beast!! 🙂
The first year we had a few berries here and there. We were excited with that. And last year we got a lot more. But THIS year, I think I had better learn how to can and make jams. Anyone have any tips or recipes?? 
I also took a couple pictures of the boys while we were out playing in the yard today…:)
Thanks for stopping in. How has your garden been doing so far? Any tips or recipes to share using blackberries or tomatoes? I am always up for trying a new salsa recipe.

Enjoy Your Week!!


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