Our new garden!

I mentioned recently that my father-in-law came to help my husband build our new raised bed gardens. They look so great! I promised a post about this so here it is. I hope you enjoy it. We had a great time putting the garden in this weekend. Here are some picture from it. Enjoy!
This is the before picture of our garden. It was like this when we moved in almost four years ago. We have planted every year, but were not so great about keeping up with weeding.
And below is what it looks like now! We really love it. The raised beds help to keep the weeds out. It is also above ground, so it is warmer and you can plant earlier. My husband and his dad put in the white tubing along the side, which makes it easy to attach a plastic covering over it if it gets too cold outside. The soil is also much better then the clay-like soil we have here in Indiana. We are really happy with the gardens and are excited to see what kind of crop we get this year! 🙂
My husband and FIL did a lot of research on building the gardens. They had a great time gathering the wood and supplies and putting them together.
Digging the holes.
Ours are 4×6. Apparently if they are bigger then that, then the wood can bow and warp over time.
Using the rototiller to turn up the soil and get it ready for planting.
My in-laws were a great help and had fun putting this together.
Now that we had the gardens, we needed to fill them. We headed to the nursery on Mother’s Day and had a great time picking out our plants.
The kids chose some cucumber plants for me.
We bought lots of different kinds of tomato and pepper plants and various herbs. We also got some eggplant, green onion, cucumber, spinach and lettuce. I love planting! 🙂
We are getting a few apples on the two macintosh trees that we planted last summer.
We went to the nursery with my in-laws when they visited a couple weekends ago. My MIL bought us two of these beautiful Iris plants for Mother’s Day.

And we bought another apple tree that we planted yesterday. This time Gala. It is important to have at least two trees somewhat close together that flower in the same season so they can cross pollinate. We had another apple tree here that died last year with the high winds so we replaced it. Our kids love to help!

I also received this beautiful orange lily for mother’s day from my husband and kids. It was the same flower I carried in my wedding bouquet almost  8 years ago. Isn’t it pretty?

Andrew had a great time helping plant the garden. He especially loved planting this stick that he found. 🙂

We planted everything using Basic H2 super organic concentrate. We used the all-purpose spray (1/4 tsp. of H2 to 16 oz of water) and spray it in the hole and on the roots. Basic H2 is made of corn and coconut, and makes water 100xs wetter. This helps the roots take hold better to absorb the soil’s nutrients. You can also use the window spray (1-2 drops of H2 to 16 oz of water) on the leaves to keep them moist and perk them up. It works great for this!
Have you planted your garden yet this year? Do you used a raised bed? What produce have you planted?
Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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