Gardening with Basic H2

It’s that time of year again! Time to plant our garden. We did that this weekend. It is always a fun family day when we go to the nursery to pick out all of the veggies and herbs that we will plant. We had a lot of rain this weekend, but were able to get our garden going in between the rain drops:)
Here is my toddler helping out. He really loves to help in the yard. Right next to him is a bottle of all purpose Basic H2 super organic concentrate. This product is so awesome in so many ways. I use it a lot for cleaning, but we have also learned that it is great for gardening, lawn care, house plants, etc. And it is completely safe for my entire family to be around.
Here is my husband spraying the roots of a pepper plant with the Basic H2 before putting it in the ground. It helps to make water wetter, which helps the roots take hold in the soil better and give higher yields.
Here is our garden after everything went in. We planted tomatoes, peppers, melons, herbs, eggplant and also did beets and peas from seed. We used the Basic H2 on the seeds as well. We have also found that spraying the window solution (1-2 drops of Basic H2 to 16 oz of water) on wilty houseplants, will perk up the leaves nicely. You can read some of my other uses for Basic H2 in my post about how I went from 20 cleaners to only 3 non-toxic ones.

I am excited to see our garden grow! It is always fun to pick something fresh from the garden to use in a meal.

Have you planted your garden yet? What are your favorite things to plant?

Thanks for reading and have a healthy week!


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