Gardening in Mississippi

If you know me at all or have followed me on social media, you know that I LOVE a good garden. My family and I planted a wonderful garden in our Indiana home every year we lived there. (6 summers!). Last May we moved to Mississippi. So we didn’t plant in Indiana and we didn’t have the chance to plant last year in Mississippi. And you know, it really kind of depressed me! Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed going to the farmers market and getting our fresh CSA goodies from Yokna Bottom Farm. And we will again this year! But there just is something kind of awesome about needing a dinner ingredient or inspiration for dinner that night, and simply walking out to your yard and getting that!

My dear husband built 2 great raised beds for us. We got some great soil and away we went!

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We originally went to the Barn (on a Sunday) in Oxford and found it was closed. So headed over to Home Depot. They and a nice selection. We did make a mistake when we thought we had brussel sprouts in our cart and it turned out to be a pack of cabbage. 9 to be exact! So we planted those. But when we went to the Barn later that week and found an abundance of more things we wanted to plant, we rearranged the cabbage a bit to make room. Let’s see how that goes! The above pictures with Andrew by the garden are about 2 weeks apart from the other pictures! Notice the growth of the garden but also how much greener the grass is! With all of the rain and not too hot temps, the garden is really taking off. And it makes me so happy!!!

We do have a secret ingredient we add to our garden each year….that is Basic H2! It is part of Shaklee’s get clean line, but also makes a great addition to the garden as it helps water to be wetter which helps the roots take hold in the soil better. It’s completely non-toxic so safe for the Earth as well as for us to use with planting. Many farmers use and love Basic H2 to get a higher yield on their crops. It’s also great to spray right on the leaves of a wilting plant to perk them up! You can see Benjamin using it that way in the pictures. He was our go to Basic H2 guy and he took his job very seriously! He did a good job at it too πŸ™‚

This planting season we have lettuce, onions, cilantro, basil, oregano, okra, peppers, tomatoes, CABBAGE!, and egg plant in the raised beds. We also planted 2 apple and 2 peach trees, a fig tree, and 2 blue berries bushes last year. We recently added some strawberries and cucumbers too. We also planted some asparagus and the first year crowns are already a foot tall, which surprised us!. And last year we took a tiny sprig of our wonderful Indiana blackberry bush and planted it here. And you know, it’s starting to grow, which makes me so happy because I truly miss that bush and all of the wonderful berries it gave us! We weren’t sure what would survive the icy and snowy Mississippi winter but it all seems to be coming back nicely! Yay! So with the CSA we have coming, we will be eating lots of salads this summer! And cole slaw! lol. So if you’re local, stop by and we will share. πŸ™‚ Tonight we had some fresh salad already with some of the lettuce and herbs and it was delicious!

Do you garden? What are your favorites to plant?

Thanks for reading! I have a local Earth Day event happening on Wednesday that you are welcome to join us for as well as a Facebook event Thursday night for Earth day! Comment if you’d like to join in to learn more about Basic H2 (the first Earth day product!) as well as the other non-toxic cleaners that Shaklee makes! They are safe for your family and the environment, work really well and are super inexpensive because they are so concentrated. We have a great special for Earth day going too on our Get Clean Starter kit!



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