Basic H2 Super Organic Concentrate! 1001 uses!!!

I have been told there are 1001 uses for Shaklee’s Basic H2 super cleaning concentrate. I know there are many so I thought I would share a list here. If you have more, please share them in the comments! There are several off label uses to Basic H2 but I will cover the main uses here.



If you are not familiar, Basic H2 is like the BEST house hold cleaner on the planet. (In my opinion!!) My parents have been using it since 1975! I think every house hold should have a bottle of this in their house! Especially if you have young children.
It was the very first biodegradable cleaner made and is over 50 years old! It was the first Earth Day product in 1970 and has been “Green” since the beginning, even before people cared about pollution!
Why do I love Basic H2 (and all of Shaklee’s Get Clean Cleaners for that matter)?
Because Shaklee Get Clean cleaners are completely safe for my family and the environment. And when I say safe, I mean, if your child or pet accidentally ingested these products, it would not be fatal to them. Or even require a trip the ER! Basic H2 is made from corn and coconut and is completely safe. No toxic fumes what so ever!!! Which means no more headache when cleaning or dry and cracked skin after. You can throw your cleaning gloves away! I have a good friend who is very allergic to nuts, including coconut. But she uses Basic H2 with no problem at all.
Another reason why I love Shaklee’s Basic H2 and the other Get Clean cleaners: They are cheap!!! Many people think that green cleaners or organic cleaners means expensive. But with Shaklee, that really is not the case!
One bottle of Basic H2 equals 5824 bottles of the leading window/glass cleaner!!!! Talk about saving money! Basic H2 costs less then a penny per GALLON when you use it as a window cleaner! And it cleans my mirrors and windows better then anything I have ever tried.
Why is it so cheap? Shaklee does not ship water to you. We just send you the cleaning concentrate and you provide your own water. So when you fill a spray bottle with 16 oz of water, you just add 1-2 DROPS of Basic H2 for an awesome window/glass/mirror cleaner!
All purpose cleaning requires 1/4 tsp of H2 to 16 oz of water!
So you get the idea of why it’s so cost-effective.
We use Basic H2 every day for different things in the house and it has not once caused any respiratory issues for my 3 year old preemie who was predicted to have asthma. He is a healthy growing little boy who loves to help me clean!
And one of my most favorite reasons for loving Basic H2 is the Many, Many great uses! Here is a short list:
Basic H2 cleans so well that bacteria can’t grow. It restores PH and is safe on your skin. And it works!!! Shaklee cleaners work so well! I have written several posts with before and after pics so be sure to search those on my blog.
So THAT is why I truly love this product and think everyone should have a bottle in their home! My very first blog was on how my family de-toxed our home and went from 20 plus cleaners to just THREE shaklee cleaners! you can read that HERE.
Thanks for taking the time to read. If this is interesting to you and you would like to try Shaklee’s Basic H2 or other products please contact me for more info and some great specials I have going right now too. Or contact the person who shared this post with you.
Thanks and have a fantastic day!!


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