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  • Prove It Challenge!

    Prove It Challenge!

    I always love a good challenge. For some reason, it helps me to step things up to the next level. Challenge accepted! Is this you too? I have loved the results I got from the Prove It challenge and from Shaklee 180. And I am not alone. So many of my friends, family, customers, teammates,…

  • Shaklee Dream Trip Los Cabos

    Shaklee Dream Trip Los Cabos

    I recently went on my second Dream Trip with over 400 people from Shaklee!! Last year we were in Playa Del Carmen and had a fantastic time. But this year topped that! It really was a wonderful trip and wanted to capture some of the highlights here. Being with my Shaklee family is really like…

  • Breakthrough in Atlanta!

    Breakthrough in Atlanta!

      It’s been almost a month since the Shaklee global conference in Atlanta and the days are just flying by! I wanted to share some of the experiences and pictures from that great event. I had talked about it before and how our theme was BREAKTHROUGH! And it truly was a Breakthrough experience!! My teammate…

  • Getting Ready for a Breakthrough!

    Getting Ready for a Breakthrough!

    I am super excited for what is coming this month in Shaklee at our upcoming BREAKTHROUGH Global Conference! I have been getting some questions and this is what I know so far….

  • Dr. Daggy Visits Oxford!

    Dr. Daggy Visits Oxford!

            This past spring, we were so fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Daggy visit Oxford and Ole Miss! My husband David was able to bring him to the university as a guest to lecture in his pharmacy classes on dietary supplements. He was able to tour the medicinal plant gardens and natural product center.…