Prove It Challenge!

I always love a good challenge. For some reason, it helps me to step things up to the next level. Challenge accepted! Is this you too?

I have loved the results I got from the Prove It challenge and from Shaklee 180. And I am not alone. So many of my friends, family, customers, teammates, and even complete strangers have been sharing their stories and results and it is INSPIRING!!!

Especially now with what’s been happening in our world, people are looking for ways to get healthier and stay healthy!!! People are sharing how their energy levels are up, their stress levels are down, they are sleeping better, they are making better food choices and even CRAVING better food and many are losing the right kind of weight and keeping it off…. and they are feeling better overall!

This has been my experience too! In my 40s I have more energy and better overall health and weight than I did in my 20s!

If you haven’t heard about it, the Prove It Challenge is a 30-day challenge to feel better! It uses Shaklee’s most proven products, Vitalizer and Life Shake and comes with some great perks and freebies too!

Here’s a quick video to explain more

Along with the Prove it Challenge we also have the new Immunity Challenge Plan and both come with some great deals right now for a limited time!

Both packs have a deep discount bringing your cost to only about $5 per day! That’s a great value for a power pack of nutrition and your breakfast (or lunch or dinner) each day!

Both packs come with the Vitalizer and 2 canisters of the Life Protein Shake. We have several flavors to choose from and together this gives you a solid foundation for health. You will also get your choice of either the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse Kit with the Prove it Challenge OR a bottle of our signature patented immunity product, Nutriferon, with the Immunity Challenge pack for FREE!!!

New customers will also get a Free Lifetime Membership to Shaklee! This is a $20 savings and there are no annual fees or monthly requirements. Just discounts (at least 15% off always) and perks like our Loyalty program for free products and Free Shipping on this pack and any future order of $150!

We also have other specials on this occasionally so be sure to check on that before starting your challenge! Shaklee always has a 100% guarantee on all products so you have nothing to lose other than maybe some weight and unhealthy habits!

I grew up with Shaklee products, and partnered with them in the business 10 years ago. It is a decision I will never regret as Shaklee has given my family the gift of health and the business is actually an amazing personal development program in disguise! I love our Shaklee family and would love to help to introduce you to it too!

Thanks for reading! Wishing you and your family good health!





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