Dr. Daggy Visits Oxford!



This past spring, we were so fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Daggy visit Oxford and Ole Miss! My husband David was able to bring him to the university as a guest to lecture in his pharmacy classes on dietary supplements. He was able to tour the medicinal plant gardens and natural product center. And because he was here, he was able to do a presentation in our home for some of our friends and Shaklee group here! What a treat that was!

Dr. Daggy is the Chief Scientific Officer at Shaklee Corporation (leading natural nutrition company in the US), and quite frankly, he’s a big deal! He has a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell University and is an all around smart guy. This is especially true in the areas of nutrition and supplementation.  He talks a bit on Shaklee science in this short video here 

While he was here, Dr. Daggy talked about diet, nutrition and why smart supplementation is important because our food source isn’t what it used to be. 90% of Americans are not getting what they need from food alone! He talked about how our food source tends to be high in calories but low in nutritional content and since Americans tend to be less active, we need less calories than our ancestors yet we are consuming more. He also talked about toxins in our food supply. Here are a few more points he made

Some of the things to look for in a supplement company:

  1. be sure it was founded on the right principle(s) and philosophy
  2. has a long history with a good reputation
  3. has a strong research and development department
  4. has science-based formulations, not ones based only on marketing
  5. has a history of scientific research
  6. is committed to do right by customers and the environment
  7. has proof of safety and efficacy of its products

Best practices for living a healthy life:

  1. know your health risks
  2. eat a healthy diet
  3. exercise regularly
  4. achieve and maintain an optimal weight
  5. supplement wisely


After Dr. Daggy’s talk, he and David did an informal Q&A we called “ask the doctors” and the group had some really fantastic questions

We were so grateful for Dr. Daggy’s visit to Oxford. And the good news is…..he’s agreed to come back! We can’t wait for that.

What questions do you have for “the doctors”?








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