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  • Prove It Challenge!

    Prove It Challenge!

    I always love a good challenge. For some reason, it helps me to step things up to the next level. Challenge accepted! Is this you too? I have loved the results I got from the Prove It challenge and from Shaklee 180. And I am not alone. So many of my friends, family, customers, teammates, […]

  • Breakthrough in Atlanta!

    Breakthrough in Atlanta!

      It’s been almost a month since the Shaklee global conference in Atlanta and the days are just flying by! I wanted to share some of the experiences and pictures from that great event. I had talked about it before and how our theme was BREAKTHROUGH! And it truly was a Breakthrough experience!! My teammate […]

  • Heart Disease runs in my family…

    Heart Disease runs in my family…

      February 13, 1983: I had just turned 7. And I lost my paternal grandfather. He was driving to see his doctor. And he never made it. He had a massive heart attack. It was his second heart attack and it was fatal. He was 66.

  • Shaklee Distributor Specials!

    Shaklee Distributor Specials!

    This month is my 5th anniversary with Shaklee….many of you may know that the first few years I casually shared the products and business. But even with that, the specials I am going to share with you that were just announced today, are nothing like anything I have seen Shaklee do! They are really awesome! […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend Specials for You!

    Memorial Day Weekend Specials for You!

    Hey there! I am super excited for this weekend to be here. What are your plans? I LOVE 3 day weekends and I always enjoy this one, remembering the many folks (and some of your are those folks) who have made major sacrifices for our great country. I am so thankful to you and for […]