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  • Prove It Challenge!

    Prove It Challenge!

    I always love a good challenge. For some reason, it helps me to step things up to the next level. Challenge accepted! Is this you too? I have loved the results I got from the Prove It challenge and from Shaklee 180. And I am not alone. So many of my friends, family, customers, teammates, […]

  • Dr. Daggy Visits Oxford!

    Dr. Daggy Visits Oxford!

            This past spring, we were so fortunate to have Dr. Bruce Daggy visit Oxford and Ole Miss! My husband David was able to bring him to the university as a guest to lecture in his pharmacy classes on dietary supplements. He was able to tour the medicinal plant gardens and natural product center. […]

  • Heart Disease runs in my family…

    Heart Disease runs in my family…

      February 13, 1983: I had just turned 7. And I lost my paternal grandfather. He was driving to see his doctor. And he never made it. He had a massive heart attack. It was his second heart attack and it was fatal. He was 66.

  • Natural Flu Busters

    Natural Flu Busters

    I was really surprised when I saw that there are around 300 high school students in my town who have tested positive for the flu! I had been hearing how it’s pretty aggressive this year nationwide and had seen a good amount of local friends posting about it on Facebook, but that number really shocked […]

  • Natural Options for Your Medicine Cabinet

    Natural Options for Your Medicine Cabinet

    I get asked questions often about what I use for…headaches, earaches, infections… Many of you know I am married to a pharmacist so you may think we have a lot of medication in our house. But if you have been to my house you probably know that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, […]